by Icy Blu

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released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Icy Blu Salt Lake City, Utah

Icy Blu was born in Atlanta. At 17 he joined Saint City. At 18 they released their 1st album Soon To Be Legendzz. '11 they released their Mixtape Pirate This Now Icy Blu has taken his lyrics, Delivery, to another level! Makin songs w/ big names like Hopsin, SwizZz & Jarren Benton & Liquid Assassin, & Wrekonize from ¡Mayday! & Ces Cru. Music always will be a part of my life. W/O it wouldn't exist! ... more

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Track Name: Only Myself
Turn the volume up like you rolling funk bruh / go grab yourself a bottle and a blunt and get fucked up / And keep it rocking like a band in a garage would / no matter whatever happens tonight it's all good / don't be a pickle / or feel how my pistol tickles / if fuck with mr mitchell / I guarantee it'll hit you / the only difference is my pistols my mouth / the words are the bullets and when I pull it I riddle the crowd like wow / I got em all mind fucked / because I keep it strange just like tech n9ne does / I've climb up this so called latter of respect / people like me a lot now I'm gathering the cred / I'd rather be the best / without me having all this debt / or all madness that i'm fed / its like a hammer to the head / but I will never quit / I'll just keep getting better with / this evidence / I hold inside that shows that I'm competitive / and rappers these days they always sound repetitive / and most of em suck nuts and have no fucking etiquettes / see music is art / it uses the heart / and induces the spark / in your brain to loosen the parts / so you can re build and re work what you can / to make it bigger and better it's like the earth in your hand / it's worth it to plan / and keep it larger than life / and conquer the rhyme / and conquer all the monsters inside / I'm on some different shit / creative initiative / in a middle of the mystery something just like pyramids / so please don't bother me cause I do not accept solicitors / music is my release and it is bound to reach the universe / it soothes your nerves when I'm letting these words go / my letters come together but sometimes it's a curse though / but imma manage / all these problems im having / and i'm always gonna keep it savage / no matter the baggage / its magic / intricate just like math is / and if your not careful with it then it can get tragic / it's manic / but you can get passed it / you'll need a lot of patience and a shit ton of practice / but you can do it / if your eager to prove it / thanks for tuning in to me I'm Icy Blu and this is music
Track Name: Assassinate The Mic
You looking sweet like a Asian lady with won tons / sweeter than the weed I smoke to them gang songs / sweeter than black pussy no draws on / sweet as the high school cheersluts waving with there Pom poms / sweeter than hot blonde mom with a thong on / sweeter than spiking all the punches but at the wrong prom / sweet as my mama nem with sugar coated kool aid / your so unsweet like that hooker hoe that you paid / I'm popping it like boom bang / I'm hotter than some butane / mixed with a fireball shot my Mr. Liu Kang / I'm feeling rich like Bruce Wayne / on fire call me Blu Flames / now I'm calling you fake / just like your daddies tupay / old master of kung fu just call me ugway / barley lift a finger and I'll leave your legs with 2 sprains / now your crying like you just got hit by Bobby Booshea / quit crying and just lay down and let em heal a few days / see me and your thunder struck / I'm sweeter than a hundred bucks / I won in a battle against a dude that fuckin sucked / sweet as a snickers bar something like lollipop / sweet to a killer who is watching all the bodies drop / sweet as bitches getting naked bras are popping off the top / no matter what ever happens tonight I keep it la dee da / sweet as Chloë Moretz as Mindy Macready / overseeing and decreasing depleting the shrieks and screamings / it's so sweet to live freely / nothing like a genie / watch whatever on tv / or maybe just go spray graffiti / but I'm feeling so ghostly gone / something like a snowy lawn / colder than that Tech N9ne, I-Khan and Tony Paul / howling at the moon loud something like coyote calls / but I'm shining brighter than a fully polished trophy wall / What up to Lyrisin, Pariz-O & J. Cam / keep holding down Virginia while I'm holding down the playback / haters run like racetracks / my plans to keep em way back / cause everytime I lace tracks / I do the shit like ASAP / then they talking shit claiming that there getting payback / but when I get in there face its like "blu, I would never say that / everything that you say sounds sweet what up Ubiquitous & Godemis from Ces Cru all day so sick wit it / I'm ripping the lyrical scripts and I'm getting it in like overtime / you could the spit the dopest rhymes / but it will never be as dope as mine / I can keep it cool yo something by the ocean side / my music's hungry like some stoners eating golden fries / I'm cold as ice / cold as girl who don't reply / colder than a guy who's dead for smoking up his own supply / this ain't the only time / dealers keep a open eye / fucking with there money will leave you hurting like a broken thigh / then I'm gonna chuckle just like when the joker died / in 1989 not Heath ledger the older guy / oh you...